Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sherman Peabody Conrad

Born: May 12, 1966
Age: 19 (looks younger due to small size and baby face)
Birthplace: Longview, Washington, USA
(would have been next door in Kelso if they had a hospital)

Education: Graduated Kelso High School, Class of ‘84, Currently working on Bachelor of Arts Degree online in 24th Century

Occupation: Assistant and Gofer to Serendipity Brown (She calls him her “Common Sense Expert”)

History: Lived in Kelso all his life. Fourth child of six kids. Raised in trailer court by mother who kept marrying or living with losers. Worked at McDonalds off I-5 in Kelso since high school. Stuck there after graduation due to scarce jobs in area. Moved from home day after graduation. Shared rundown apartment with three other guys. Accidentally kidnapped by Serendipity Brown on very first Time Travel Trip (making him the second person to ever travel in time.) When Dr. Brown kids that she should hire him, he begs her to keep him, jumping at the chance to get out of Kelso.

Appearance: Short (5’ 4½”), skinny, dark hair past his collar, horn rim glasses.

Dress: Favorite outfit is jeans, tennis shoes, and black Def Lepard T-shirt.

Personality: Life has left him a little pessimistic and unenthused. Still Life hasn’t sucked it all out. He has enough fire to jump at the chance to get out of his life, even if it means staying with some crazy lady to the 24th Century. Sherman has the ability to go beyond learning from his own mistakes to learning from other people’s mistakes. Mature and wise beyond his years. He has commonsense better than most. Also can see to the heart of a problem at times. Loyal to his friends, no matter their age. Unappreciated by the opposite sex, his one goal in life is to find that Special Girl…or at least get laid.

Special Likes: Heavy Metal rock, Def Lepard, White Snake, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett; the Mariners Baseball Team; Dungeons and Dragons; Lord of the Rings; Star Wars; SciFi novels and movies

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