Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wendell Abercrombie Howe

Born: March 3, 2575
Age: 85 (appears 40, due to 27th Century medicine slowing down the aging process)
Birthplace: Cambridge, England, UK

Education: Doctoral Degrees in Anthropology and History from University of Cambridge

Credentials: Licensed Time Traveler, registered by the Institute of Time Travel in the 27th century. Member of the Association of Temporal Anthropologists, Resident Temporal Anthropologist at University of Cambridge, Author of The Rise of Tea in Victorian Great Britain and It's Social Impact.

Profession: Temporal Anthropologist specializing in Victorian Age, goes by persona of an English gentleman. Currently working as Serendipity’s Time Travel Consultant.

History: Comes from a very long line of professors and teachers, many of them history professors at Cambridge for centuries. Family hoped he would follow the “family business”. Instead decided to become a Temporal Anthropologist and went gallivanting through the Victorian Age for 50 years. Destroyed his career when he helped Serendipity Brown when she was stranded in 1851. In the year 2660 ran off to the year 2353 to be with Serendipity Brown.

Appearance: Medium height and build, medium brown hair, sideburns to the bottom of his ears; modest mustache, average looks, not bad looking, but not striking, very unmemorable. Grey eyes that show more emotion than the rest of his face.

Dress: Wears Victorian suits even outside the 19th Century. Will wear something else only if absolutely necessary. Has a brown top hat he is partial to.

Personality: Ingrained in the Victorian Age. Appears very prudish, can’t say the word ‘sex’ or God forbid any crude four letter words like ‘shag’ or ‘boff’. Seems to have no problem doing it although he likes the lady to make the first move. Tries not to appear priggish, and fails. Tries to be polite to everyone. A gentleman who treats all women as ladies. Lives up to the idea of Victorian fair play. Lacks Victorian hypocrisy. Is not racist, sexist or elitist, treats others as his equal. Very stoic. Seldom shows his emotions, but underneath he is very sentimental, romantic and passionate. Voice usually very calm and even (Sherman compares him to a newscaster.) Retiring. A wallflower to the point of being invisible. Socially awkward at times due to lack of interaction with others. However he is sensitive to the feelings of others. Seems timid at times but can be brave when another is in danger.

Special Likes: Victorian history, culture, literature, music and art; Gilbert and Sullivan; collects penny dreadfuls; fish and chips, tea; Serendipity Brown

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  1. Love the idea of creating an experimental story.

    People may end up saying, "How tweet it is."